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Kylie Ciammaichella

Latest from the Blog

Reflection/ Portfolio

Maybe I improved maybe I did not this is my reflection of English 1103-18  The second half of the first semester is coming to an end at High Point University. During this time, I have seen my skills grow while the weeks have passed. While we do most of the same activities as we did in the first half of the semester the essay portion has made the…

Was Social Media Invented to Ruin Teenagers Mental Health?

In everyone’s everyday lives social media sneaks its way into it. Although teenagers today see social media as their whole lives. Posting about every little event that happens in their lives makes teenagers feel wanted and noticed in the world; they pay attention to how many likes, comments, and views they receive on each post. With an…


I was never the smart one in the English category. Growing up I had a stutter, so I was forced into a reading help class, on top of that I also had to go to speech class. Do you know how embarrassing it is when you are sitting in class and your reading help teacher comes in and asks…

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